Music Artists

We have several artists signed to Starr Magnet Entertainment available for bookings. They range from Music Artists to DJ's, to Producers! If you are interested in an artist, please inquire and we will promptly provide you with details and the next steps to book!
  1. Blade Brown - Hip Hop
    Rapper and DJ
  2. Hilayna Starr - Pop/EDM
    Singer and Songwriter
  3. Kory Kane- HipHop
  4. HaveTo- Hip Hop
  5. Mezmerize
    Pop/RnB Singer
  6. Dj Cyrus- EDM
    EDM DJ

Available Models​​

  1. Shiina
  2. Ant G
    Multi Genre & Fitness
  3. Carielle
    High Fashion
  4. Baby Bunny
  5. SlimGem
    Multi Genre
  6. Luscious Lay
    Multi Genre
  7. Phystee Brown
    Multi Genre
  8. Sadiya
    Multi Genre
  9. Prada
    Multi Genre
Available On Screen Talent


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