DJ Cyrus

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Calvin "DJ CYRUS" Gervais is a artist of all trades. Producing and DJ'ing various types of genres for any occasion. Passionate about his craft, DJ Cyrus is focused on becoming one of the best DJ's worldwide. 
Born and raised in New York, Calvin moved to Alpharetta, GA during his teen years. Calvin's passion grew for music when he meet his now good friend Chris Bullock aka DJ Entourage. Under Entourages wing, Calvin learned everything he needed to know to pursue a career in the world of producing music. 
Today he is known all over Atlanta and the southeast. Linking up with PKF and Black Card Productions, he has played all over in places such as RUSH Lounge, Dive Bar, Koo Koo Room, Opera, TNG, IMAGINE FEST and many more!!
 DJ Cyrus has played  shows with the Ying Yang Twins, VIC, RIVEN, ILLUMINAUGHTY, HUTCH, Grandtheft, ANDRE PERRY, AGGRO ALPHA, JPROPPA, Cali The Kid, Skie Greene, S3DAH, RIOT TEN, DARUDE, MIDNITE PANDA, Future, Cool Amerika, B.O.B Ca$h Out, E Sud, Dj INFAMOUS, HXV, and  many more.

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