Blade Brown

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Blade Brown showed an interest in the art of spoken word at an early age. By the age of 5, he was writing poetry himself.
Born in Jacksonville, North Carolina but raised in Dayton, OH, he began to pursue this hobby at an early age. In grade
school, Blade won many talent shows with his poetry skills and created a fan base at an early age because of it. At the age
of 12, Blade was selected to be in a talent showcase for music and poetry and decided to give recording a try shortly
thereafter. In the beginning, Blade formed a rap group and started promoting and performing with the group.
With no success with developing a team of professionals to guide him, Blade decided to stop the pursuit of being a rapper
and turned his focus to basketball. During his high school years and also while in college, Blade played on the varsity
basketball team and was being scouted to become professional. In early 2005, Blade met back up with an old friend and
decided to give music a try again, but as a dancer instead. Becoming known as one of the best male hip-hop dancers in the
state of Ohio, Blade begin to see what success would be like and didn't like being in the background. Blade, being
unsatisfied with being the great mover behind another performer, retired from dancing. Still eager to find his true calling, in
2007 he was introduced to a music producer and began recording again.
With a new producer and a new outlook on what his calling was, Blade began to create a buzz with his first single "Charley
Broun" and then with his next single "U Here" feat (Branu). Blade has been rewarded with Best Performer of the Year as
well as several other accolades and awards. His single "Charley Broun" has been featured on several websites that include
BuzzThis.Net and can also be seen on YouTube , Facebook ,MySpace and Reverbnation Blade has also worked with
IMG/Universal Records…. He has been featured on A television show in Brooklyn New York called Daves Crib TV. While
working with Super music producer “Dj Prophit”, blade and prophit formed a production camp with two
other artist, Storm and Branu with the four of em working together they became professionally known as “Dat Bounce
Camp” shortly after, they made a compilation cd from scratch that has caught the streets by surprise. Blade is also
memember of the Celebrity group. D.B.M. also known as DopeBoyMafia. Who is from Dayton ohio and under the B.M.F.
Entertainment Music group Da South Label.. Blade has recently Signed a distribution Deal with B.M.F. da south and will be
heading on Tour summer 2013… Blade has opened up for many Artists such as Gucci Mane, Loyd, Crime Mobb, Gudda
Gudda, Brick Squad, Lil Boosie, Baby D, Twerk Team, And Many More.. He will be releasing his first Album Under B.M.F. Da
South in Late 2013… You can Find his Latest Single On Itunes,Amazon,Google Play,Spotify, Rhaposody, etc… “U here” ft.
Branu. Be on the lookout for ‘blade in his role in the B.M.F. Movie Documentary that hits H.B.O. late summer…

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